Steven J. Frenda, Eric D. Knowles, William Saletan, and Elizabeth F. Loftus (UC-Irvine): False Memories of Fabricated Political Events. Noura Erakat (Temple): New Imminence in the Time of Obama: The Impact of Targeted Killings on the Law of Self Defense. Doug Enaa Greene reviews Unhitched: The Trial of Christopher Hitchens by Richard Seymour (and more and more). Hunters have an NRA problem: At what point does standing with the NRA become riskier than speaking out against it? James Fallows on the one article you need to read about the Postal Service. Rick Perlstein on the constitutional roadblock to efforts to fix federal elections. Robert George predicts that persecution will be directed against those who oppose a redefinition of marriage. What do we mean by autonomy? Todd Cronan reviews Modernism’s Other Work: The Art Object’s Political Life by Lisa Siraganian.