Charisse T.M. Coston (UNC), Kristie R. Blevins (EKU), Robert L Bing, III (Texas), and Vivian B. Lord (UNC): Illegal Trafficking in Non-Human Animals. From New Formations, John Rundell on modernity, humans and animals: Tensions in the field of the technical-industrial imaginary; and Freya Mathews on the anguish of wildlife ethics. The best solution to the problems relating to tourism in the core areas of tiger reserves will involve a balance between banning tourism there and allowing heavy tourism. Kierin Mackenzie and Piers Locke on the ethnozoology of human-elephant relations. A dominant species is a dominant species: If you really care about animal rights, vegan ethics don't go far enough. Arson, cracked testicles, and Internet death threats: Jordan Heller on how animal rights extremists are learning from the people who murdered George Tiller. Mickey Z on speciesism, the forgotten privilege.