A new issue of European Voice is out. From Intereconomics, a forum on Austerity Measures in Crisis Countries. From New Politics, a special section on Europe, including an interview with Leo Panitch on the Left in Europe. Claus Offe opts for democracy over "TINA" logic, which only leads to a politics that fails to provide the electorate with choices — and therein lies the trap: Only more solidarity and more democracy can rescue the eurozone from the brink of collapse. Market integration in Europe far outstripped political integration, and now we're now reaping the consequences of that imbalance — we must turn the nation-state into a legitimate political force for the 21st century, says Mary Kaldor. Europe is haunted by the myth of the lazy mob: It suits the wealthy to turn the debate about poverty into a morality tale, but the reality is that inequality is structural. Giulia Pastorella reviews The Europe of Elites: A Study into the Europeanness of Europe’s Political and Economic Elites.