Nicholas C. Barberis (Yale): Thirty Years of Prospect Theory in Economics: A Review and Assessment. Eric Pooley on how behavioral economics could save both the fishing industry and the oceans. Stewart Lansley reviews Bleakonomics: A Heartwarming Introduction to Financial Catastrophe, the Jobs Crisis and Environmental Destruction by Rob Larson. Hans G. Despain reviews The Endless Crisis: How Monopoly-Finance Capital Produces Stagnation and Upheaval from the USA to China by John Bellamy Foster and Robert Waterman McChesney. Tom McDermott reviews Meme Wars: The Creative Destruction of Neoclassical Economics. Simon Mee on a renaissance in economics: Students all over the world are demanding a new curriculum. Claudio Borio on how macroeconomics without the financial cycle is like Hamlet without the Prince. Awesome Epic Fail: Alan J. Dignam on a journey through various paradigms and how to begin fixing the mess left behind.