Jaime Elias Bortz (Buenos Aires): “The Medical Books I Have Read So Far”: A Research into the Books Read by Maimonides (1138-1204) for his Medical Education. Simon Werrett (Washington): Recycling in Early Modern Science. From Expositions, a roundtable on Daryn Lehoux's What Did the Romans Know? An Inquiry into Science and Worldmaking. Madeline Muntersbjorn reviews Henri Poincare: A Scientific Biography by Jeremy Gray. There is a groundswell of support for the campaign to save the London's Royal Institution — but, asks Adam Smith, beyond the emotion is there good evidence that it's worth saving? Adam Gopnik reviews books on Galileo. Amativeness, ideality, “God spot”: Jena Osman on the seductive promise of phrenology and its progeny. How do you write a definitive book for the 21st century? Early Flowers and Angiosperm Evolution provides a blueprint.