Jon Solomon (Lyon): The Transnational Study of Culture and the Indeterminacy of People(s) and Language(s). Sundays with the Christianists: Doktor Zoom on a “world history” book that’s ready for the Apocalypse, now. Dani Rodrik on the tyranny of political economy: An excessive focus on vested interests can easily divert us from the critical contribution that policy analysis and political entrepreneurship can make. From Modern Times, John Guzzon on the irrational GOP love for Calvin Coolidge. Drinking toilet water: Sam lemonick on the science (and psychology) of wastewater recycling. Philosophers have written tomes on love, so why have they, and most of us, left tenderness — that blossom of love — out in the cold? Alexander Cohen on the law and morality of insider trading. Hey, Valentine, here are a few snippets from an interview with Slavoj Zizek on seduction conducted by John Summers and David Graeber.