From Evolutionary Psychology, Eric Russell, Danielle DelPriore, Max Butterfield, and Sarah Hill (TCU): Friends With Benefits, but Without the Sex: Straight Women and Gay Men Exchange Trustworthy Mating Advice. Prospects for 2013: Goran Therborn casts a broad eye across Europe, Asia, Latin America, the Middle East and Africa. Research suggests power helps you live the good life by bringing you closer to your true self. Molly Ball on how the gun-control movement got smart: Why are advocates so optimistic now when reform has failed so many times before? Because they have a totally new strategy. The .03% Solution: The unwritten rule of Washington debates about taxing and spending is to never consider anything new, but wouldn't it be wonderful if the pressure of the next few months' debate changed that? The pool is always closed: A preview of Mad: 50 Worst Cartoons.