Laramie D. Taylor (UC-Davis): Male Partner Selectivity, Romantic Confidence, and Media Depictions of Partner Scarcity. Sarudzayi M. Matambanadzo (Tulane): Embodying Vulnerability: A Feminist Theory of the Person. Deborah L. Brake (Pittsburgh): Wrestling with Gender: Constructing Masculinity by Refusing to Wrestle Women. The myth of women’s ascendance: Philip N. Cohen reviews Liza Mundy’s The Richer Sex and Hanna Rosin’s The End of Men. Dafne Muntanyola-Saura reviews Neurofeminism: Issues at the Intersection of Feminist Theory and Cognitive Science. Stephanie Fairyington on the lonely existence of Mel Feit, men's-rights advocate. Lakshmi Sarah interviews Carmen G. Gonzalez, editor of Presumed Incompetent: The Intersections of Race and Class for Women in Academia. How to help feminism: Jagdish Bhagwati on how men should do more — and women too.