William R. Casto (Texas Tech): Advising Presidents: Robert H. Jackson and the Problem of Dirty Hands. Pilar Garcia-Gomez, Erik Schokkaert, Tom Van Ourti, and Teresa Bago d'Uva (EUR): Inequity in the Face of Death. From Ethics and International Affairs, Shefa Siegel on the missing ethics of mining. The Scruffy and the Stuffy agree: Cap CEO pay. Torture and taboo: Samuel Moyn on how the work of literary critic Elaine Scarry became the proxy for our preoccupation with the horrors of torture. From Telos, Greg Melleuish on the logic of history. Slavoj Zizek on why the free market fundamentalists think 2013 will be the best year ever. Molly Michelmore on why the income tax is worth celebrating. The futures of farming: What the closing of Kansas City’s Mercantile Exchange can teach us about how Wall Street stopped treating food like food.