From Foreign Affairs, an interview with General Stanley McChrystal on his memoir My Share of the Task. From Small Wars Journal, modern warfare is a thinking officer’s game: Jonathan A. Bodenhamer on why the U.S. military needs more leaders with technical educations; and Benjamin Kohlmann on intellectual curiosity and the military officer. This is your military on drugs: In today's armed forces, performance-enhancing drugs are as common (and legal) as combat boots. Navy Times has won an important ruling in its legal challenge to force U.S. Strategic Command to release investigative reports into an allegedly abusive Navy official. First came the flying saucers, and now another Air Force experiment has shed some light on a past space endeavor — except this time, it was to be at the expense of the moon. Airman Challenge gives you a chance to try your hand at U.S. Air Force missions in an interactive online game.