A new issue of The Humanist is out. P. S. Ruckman Jr. (Rock Valley): The Study of Mercy: What Political Scientists Know (and Don't Know) About the Pardon Power. From Commentary, Michael Gerson and Peter Wehner on how to save the Republican Party. Samantha Buchalter on tattoos as intellectual property: No laser removal without removal of legal protections. From NPR, a special series on Puerto Rico, a disenchanted island. From Newtopia, the Platonist on Sunset Blvd: Hiram K. Jones the Western Wonder. From LSE Review of Books, Susannah Wilcox reviews Land by Derek Hall. Can the human race survive? Robert de Neufville investigates. From Counterpunch, who will step up to defend the Constitution? Dave Lindorff on why Obama should be impeached. Dan Nosowitz on how kids are still drawing 1900s idea of what dinosaurs looked like.