Christopher Rowe (Melbourne): The New Library of Babel? Borges, Digitisation and the Myth of a Universal Library. From JETWI, a special issue on Networked Digital Technologies. From Wired, a special series on the decades that invented the future, the trends and technologies that will shape the decade we’re living in now (in 12 parts). How to predict the future of technology? Gareth James and Gerard Tellis on how Moore's Law does not apply for most industries, including the PC industry. Jason Torchinsky on how information in America moves 33,480,000 times faster than it did 200 years ago. Supercomputers have gotten incredibly powerful — here are the most difficult engineering problems they are trying to crack. Research suggests any two pages on the web are connected by 19 clicks or less. When will the Internet reach its limit (and how do we stop that from happening)?