Tamara Belinfanti (NYSL): Beyond Economics: Behavioral Dynamics in Pay for Performance. Clare McGlynn (Durham): John Stuart Mill on Prostitution: Radical Sentiments, Liberal Proscriptions. Geoffrey Baym (UNC-Greensboro): Political Media as Discursive Modes: A Comparative Analysis of Interviews with Ron Paul from Meet the Press, Tonight, The Daily Show, and Hannity. From n+1, methoxetamine, methiopropamine, ethylphenidate, etizolam, benzofuran, camfetamine, pentedrone — who can keep up? The merchants can give you the best customer service in the world, but the one thing they can’t do is explain the effect of these drugs and how much you might want to swallow. A word comes opportunely into play: Words are weapons — and they often tell us remarkably little about the underlying ideas.