Eyal Benvenisti (Tel Aviv) and Amichai Cohen (Ono): War is Governance: Explaining the Logic of the Laws of War from a Principal-Agent Perspective. Yael Ronen (HUJ): Treaties and Armed Conflict. Thomas Chadefaux (ETH Zurich): War as an Investment and Early Warning Signals for War in the News. Laia Balcells and Stathis N. Kalyvas (Yale): Does Warfare Matter? Severity, Duration, and Outcomes of Civil Wars. Eric Talbot Jensen (BYU): Future War, Future Law. Can dark tourism ever be a good thing? Ruth Stokes considers whether holidaying in war and disaster zones is ever justified. From Social Evolution Forum, is war creative? Peter Turchin investigates. Max Wind-Cowie on how dying in war is special. Harry van der Linden reviews Kant and the End of War: A Critique of Just War Theory by Howard Williams. Onward, secular soldiers, marching as to war.