From The Nation, a forum on American unions: Can labor be saved? Two attempts to reimagine the relationship between business and society: John Lloyd reviews The Locust and the Bee: Predators and Creators in Capitalism’s Future by Geoff Mulgan and Firm Commitment: Why the Corporation is Failing Us and How to Restore Trust In It by Colin Mayer. Who pays the corporate income tax? Bruce Bartlett investigates. From debtor’s prison to debtor nation: Steve Fraser on the politics of debt in America. An excerpt from A Nation of Deadbeats: An Uncommon History of America's Financial Disasters by Scott Reynolds Nelson. Richard D. Wolff on how capitalism becomes questionable. Noah Smith on why the end of growth wouldn't be be the end of capitalism. Barbara and John Ehrenreich on the death of the yuppie dream: The rise and fall of the professional-managerial class.