Joseph Blocher (Duke): Nonsense and the Freedom of Speech: What Meaning Means for the First Amendment. Helen L. Norton (Colorado): Lies and the Constitution. Suzanna Sherry (Vanderbilt): Why We Need More Judicial Activism. John T. Valauri (Northern Kentucky): Originalism and the Necessary and Proper Clause. Richard Primus (Michigan): Unbundling Constitutionality. James Bishop (WSC): Hidden or on the Hip: The Right(s) to Carry After Heller. Joseph Postell reviews Creating the Administrative Constitution: The Lost One Hundred Years of American Administrative Law by Jerry L. Mashaw. Johnathan O'Neill on constitutional conservatives in the Progressive Era: Elihu Root, William Howard Taft, and Henry Cabot Lodge, Sr. The introduction to Long Wars and the Constitution by Stephen M. Griffin. Should the Constitution be scrapped? Amy Crawford interviews Louis Michael Seidman, author of On Constitutional Disobedience.