Joe Guinan (Maryland): Social Democracy in the Age of Austerity: The Radical Potential of Democratising Capital. From Anarchist Studies, Brian Martin (Wollongong): Reform: When Is It Worthwhile? From Renewal, what’s left of the left? A roundtable on democrats and social democrats in challenging times. Darko Suvin on phases and characteristics of Marxism/s. Gavin Jacobson writes in defense of Jacobin rage: You can’t divorce fiery emotions from the politics of revolution. Thoughts of a veteran anarchist: An interview with Stuart Christie, author of Granny Made Me An Anarchist, General Franco Made Me A Terrorist and Edward Heath Made Me Angry. Victor Osprey reviews Anti-Capitalism by Ezequiel Adamovsky. Slavoj Zizek, visionary of violence: Henry Hopwood-Phillips examines one of today’s most lionized Leftists.