Renee Lettow Lerner (GWU): Enlightenment Economics and the Framing of the U.S. Constitution. Christian Stegbauer (Frankfurt): Situations, Networks and Culture: The Case of a Golden Wedding as an Example for the Production of Local Cultures. Shiping Tang (Fudan): Power: Toward a Unifying Analytical Framework. Power without hierarchy: Sarah Lester investigates what budding anarchists might glean from anthropologists' field notes. The ideological discourse of anarchy: The introduction to Polite Anarchy in International Relations Theory by Zaheer Kazmi. Allison Winn Scotch writes in defense of Los Angeles. Build from the ground up: Why reinvent higher education? Basic literacy matters more, says Alan Ryan. American courts recognize rights to refuse life-saving treatment — so why won’t the State of Connecticut let William Coleman die? Ann Neumann wonders.