Marie Sarlet, Muriel Dumont, Nathalie Delacollette, and Benoit Dardenne (Liege): Prescription of Protective Paternalism for Men in Romantic and Work Contexts. Patricia A. Seith (Stanford): Congressional Power to Effect Sex Equality. Vera Trappmann (Magdeburg): Being Unemployed: Masculinity, Change Competence and Identity. Anca Gheaus (Sheffield): Three Cheers for the Token Woman. From Contexts, Niobe Way, C.J. Pascoe, Mark McCormack, Amy Schalet and Freeden Oeur on the hearts of boys. Where men see white, women see ecru: Neuroscientists prove what we always suspected — the two sexes see the world differently. Why do women wear high heels? Because men did. Is fourth-wave feminism all about boobs and beauty? Hadley Freeman reviews Sexy Feminism by Jennifer Keishin Armstrong and Heather Wood Rudulph.