Timothy Lubin (Washington and Lee): The Polity of the Philosopher-Bureaucrat: Brahmanical Virtue as a Qualification for Public Office. From Sanhati, a special issue on caste and Left politics in India. If the Hindu upper castes were to be civilized in their treatment of the lower castes would they now seek to escape from the social tyranny of the so-called Hindu society? With a mixture of Western and Indian names, customs and complexions, 2,000 Anglo-Indians attend a reunion in Calcutta — but their communities in both the UK and the subcontinent are disappearing. India has created a National Commission for the Scheduled Tribes, the name given to its indigenous populations — have the Adivasi, the other name for the Scheduled Tribes, really benefited from the Commission’s policies? Thanks to Mumbai’s land reform act, the very rich and very poor have become next-door neighbors.