Rafael Domingo (Navarra): The New Global Human Community. Ming-Sung Kuo (Warwick): On the Constitutional Question in Global Governance: Global Administrative Law and the Conflicts-Law Approach in Comparison. Grainne De Burca (NYU), Robert O. Keohane (Princeton) and Charles F. Sabel (Columbia): New Modes of Pluralist Global Governance. Peter J. Spiro (Temple): Sovereigntism's Twilight. Willem van Genugten (Tilburg): The UN: A Law-maker on the Move. James Crawford (Cambridge): The Term of Office of the UN Secretary-General. Joanna Harrington on incorporating UN General Assembly declaratory texts into domestic law. Natalie Beinisch reviews What’s Wrong with the United Nations (and How to Fix It) by Thomas G. Weiss. Jesse Walker reviews Here Come the Black Helicopters! UN Global Governance and the Loss of Freedom by Dick Morris and Eileen McGann.