R. Brian Parrish (New Mexico): The Problem of a Terrorist by Any Other Name. Christopher Robert Cook (Pittsburgh): One Man's Freedom Fighter on Film is Another Man's Terrorist During the Classroom Discussion: The Advantages and Unintended Consequences of Using Film to Teach Terrorism. George Michael (Westfield State): The New Media and the Rise of Exhortatory Terrorism. Susan Currie Sivek (Linfield): Packaging Inspiration: Al Qaeda’s Digital Magazine in the Self-Radicalization Process. Is Inspire magazine inciting terrorism in Australia? Al-Qaida magazine tells militants how to torch cars and cause traffic accidents. Trevor Aaronson on how most terrorist plots in the US aren't invented by Al Qaeda — they're manufactured by the FBI. The double agent who infiltrated Al Qaeda: Even Obama knew the name of the Danish double agent who never got his due for helping lead U.S. drones to Anwar al-Awlaki — now he's telling his own story.