From Christianity Today, Ruth Moon on why Pope Francis excites (most) evangelical leaders: Bergoglio expected to focus on poverty and set a friendlier tone in Protestant-Catholic relations. Is Pope Francis a fraud? After a right-wing coup crushed the reforms of Vatican II, one scholar says the last two popes are illegitimate (and more). When Pope Francis testified about the “dirty war”, what did he know? From Verdict, a new pope, a new beginning for clergy child sex abuse survivors? Marci Hamilton on on why it’s unlikely. This isn't the first time we've heard the new pope will be a reformer. Bigger than you think: Frank Jacobs on the Vatican and its annexes. How rich is the Catholic Church? Nobody really knows, because religious groups don’t need to follow regular accounting and disclosure rules. David Von Drehle on National Catholic Reporter’s John Allen Jr., the man who picked the pope.