Paul L. Caron (Cincinnati): Tax Advice for the Second Obama Administration. Do Danes complain about their high tax rates? In U.S. and around world, these are taxing times. Harold Pollack on how preventing mass killings like the one in Newtown may be impossible, but there’s plenty we can do to reduce violence by the mentally ill in general — and the tools are right there in Obamacare. Agorism and Nazism: Neil M. Tokar on a study in polar opposites. On 20 March, the first ever International Day of Happiness will be celebrated worldwide. The road (and rail) to justice: Amy B. Dean examines how unfair our public transit system is for poor and working families. Issue #74 is the beginning of the third (almost uninterrupted) decade of Anarchy: A Journal of Desire Armed. Nathaniel Cope and James Spedding on 5 ways statistics are used to lie to you every day.