A new issue of Human Rights and Human Welfare is out. Robin Bradley Kar (Illinois): The Psychological Foundations of Human Rights. Utsav Gandhi (Nirma): State Sovereignty as a Major Hurdle to Human Rights. Andrew T. Guzman and Katerina Linos (UC-Berkeley): Human Rights Backsliding. Guy Aitchison (UCL): The Agonistic Dimension of Rights. Fabienne Peter (Warwick): The Human Right to Political Participation. From Constellations, a special section on Human Rights, ed. Rainer Forst, Stefan Gosepath, and Christoph Menke. From the Web Journal of Current Legal Issues, a review essay on the basics of human rights from interdisciplinary approaches by Yves Laberge. The introduction to Philosophical Dimensions of Human Rights by Claudio Corradetti. Maggie Murphy on “traditional values” vs human rights at the UN.