John W. Morehead reviews The Islamophobia Industry: How the Right Manufactures Fear of Muslims by Nathan Lean. WorldNetDaily’s Joseph Farah on his friendship with Rand Paul and why Ron Paul isn't a Christian. When you start hearing others on the Right warning about the dangers posed by Common Core, this is what they are talking about — and you can thank Glenn Beck. Phyllis Schlafly on how globalists are trying to coopt America. John Podhoretz on how it’s time to get serious: “Barack Obama is a serious man. The professional and political right needs to be as serious as he is to make sure the Age of Obama ends with him”. John Podhoretz and Jonah Goldberg believe disingenuous conservative pundits are doing irreparable harm to their movement — so who are they? The destruction of freedom keeps happening in America, and yet, somehow, not happening — it perpetually lies just over the horizon, close enough to keep refreshing the supply of right-wing paranoia.