Ryan S. Killian (Pepperdine): They Doth Protest Too Much: A Historical Demonstration that Wal-Mart's Critics Have it All Wrong. From n+1, Ben Merriman on the matter with Kansas, again. From Dissent, an expedient alliance? Meredith Tax on the Muslim Right and the Anglo-American Left (and a response). The Bad-Boy Brand: Lizzie Widdicombe on the rise of Vice Media. William E Scheuerman explains why Obama's mediocre humanitarian record in the "war on terror" deserves our critical scrutiny and how US presidential government's latent monarchist attributes have generated far-reaching policy and legal continuities between Bush and Obama. You might ask, “Does an ethical dilemma really exist with someone interacting with free-roaming cats?” Indeed one does — the following story provides a case in point. Reddit's Explain Like I'm 5 gets its own webseries.