From Big Think, Carter Phipps on progress or pessimism: How should we think about the future? We're underestimating the risk of human extinction: Ross Andersen interviews Nick Bostrom, director of Oxford's Future of Humanity Institute (and more at h+). How close are we to being among the last humans to ever live? Consider this your introduction to the Doomsday Argument. Felix Clay on 5 new products that prove humanity is doomed. We're screwed: 11,000 years' worth of climate data prove it. Jesus is not coming soon: It's not just Rapture prophets who make Christians look bad — let's all stop talking about the End of Things and live the life of faith here and now. Brian Tokar reviews Catastrophism: The Apocalyptic Politics of Collapse and Rebirth by Sasha Lilley, David McNally, Eddie Yuen and James Davis. Iain Morris reviews Cancel the Apocalypse: The New Path to Prosperity by Andrew Simms.