Daniel Golebiewski (CUNY): Thou Shalt Not Have a Duty Towards Animals: Peter Singer's Flaws on Equal Consideration. Lisa Jean Moore on speciesism. Siobhan O'Sullivan on why human suffering and animal welfare are the one issue. Janet M. Davis reviews The Rights of the Defenseless: Protecting Animals and Children in Gilded Age America by Susan J. Pearson. Wanna save the rhino? Legalize horn farming. Living with the wild things, without compromise: Ken Layne interviews Monica Bond and Derek Lee of Wild Nature Institute. Zoos are struggling to be leaders in the conservation world — getting there may mean letting some animals go. From a special issue of Lapham’s Quarterly on animals, Lewis Lapham explores our constant speechless companions; and one of us: John Jeremiah Sullivan on animal consciousness. Beat your meat: Will Potter on how factory farmers want to choke their chickens in private.