Hans Gersbach and Maik T. Schneider (ETH Zurich): On the Global Supply of Basic Research. From TLS, a review essay on the work of Tony Judt by Geoffrey Wheatcroft. Mark Fenske on why the best ideas spring up in the shower. Who wants to save a junkie? Drug overdoses now kill more people than car accidents in this country — an expanded use of Narcan would radically change that. Is anti-Semitism unique? Kenneth L. Marcus reviews Antisemitism: A Specific Phenomenon by Clemens Heni. Noam Scheiber on how gerrymandering has been great for GOP congressmen, but poison for the party nationally. From GQ, by day they work as computer programmers and stock boys and academics, but at night they are known as urban explorers; the Brooklyn Bridge, London's Shard, Notre Dame — each structure is an expedition waiting to happen.