Adam Hosein (Colorado): Immigration and Freedom of Movement. Do we wear masks? To say we are only ourselves in one situation is as nonsensical as saying water is only itself when liquid. Monika Krause reviews Think Tanks in America by Thomas Medvetz. Is speaking English a civic duty? Ingrid Piller wonders. Artem Kaznatcheev on games, culture, and the Turing test (and part 2). Alexander Nazaryan reviews One Nation Under Stress: The Trouble With Stress as an Idea by Dana Becker. John Heilpern interviews Andrew Sullivan: One of America’s top political voices takes a big gamble with his Daily Dish. U.S. out of Vermont: Move over, Texas — in the Green Mountain State, it’s leftists who want to secede. Eudaimonia in America: Robert T. Miller on a pragmatic defense of American liberalism in response to Alasdair MacIntyre and Patrick Deneen.