Claudio Corradetti (Oslo): The Frankfurt School and Critical Theory. Caroline Kamau (Birkbeck): On Erich Fromm: Why He Left the Frankfurt School. Daniel Chernilo (Loughborough): Jurgen Habermas: Modern Social Theory as Postmetaphysical Natural Law. Kevin Anderson (UCSB): Resistance versus Emancipation: Foucault, Marcuse, Marx, and the Present Moment. From Ceasefire, in the first instalment of a new eight-part series, Andrew Robinson introduces Walter Benjamin and Critical Theory. From The Guardian’s How To Believe blog series, Peter Thompson on the Frankfurt school (part 1 and part 2 and part 3). Piotr Stalmaszczyk reviews Hannah Arendt: A Critical Introduction by Finn Bowring. Peg Birmingham reviews Arendt and Adorno: Political and Philosophical Investigations. Jade Montserrat reviews Adorno Reframed by Geoffrey Boucher. You can download Critical Theory and Social Justice, ed. Alessandro Pinzani and Milene Consenso Tonetto.