From Political Theology, Walter Brueggemann and Mira Morgenstern review In God’s Shadow: Politics in the Hebrew Bible by Michael Walzer (and a response by Walzer). From Review of Biblical Literature, James M. Bos reviews No Tolerance for Tyrants: The Biblical Assault on Kings and Kingship by Robert Gnuse; Alicia J. Batten reviews The Political Aims of Jesus by Douglas E. Oakman; and Hans Leander reviews Jesus and the Rise of Nationalism: A New Quest for the Nineteenth Century Historical Jesus by Halvor Moxnes. How would Jesus rock? Backed by music exec Jeff Ayeroff, composer Hillel Tigay tries to recreate the sounds of the ancient Temple. The white man Jesus: There’s a reason why the Bible is silent about the colour of Jesus’ skin — so why has this become an issue for our age? Rebecca Onion on the 17th-century remixed Bible that charmed a king. Are Adam and Eve just an allegory? A look at 5 shocking scenes you won't believe are in the Bible.