Inigo Gonzalez Ricoy (Louvain): An Account of the Democratic Status of Constitutional Rights. From Jesus Radicals, the victims of the Newtown School Shooting and the Boston Marathon Bombing are being set up by our collectivization of the trauma of these events as martyrs to white identity and white privilege. The tragedies of other places: In the wake of the Boston Marathon bombing, Rafia Zakaria, a columnist for Pakistan’s largest English newspaper, reflects on why violent attacks leave a more lasting impression if they happen on American soil. She's not talking about it, but Siri is plotting world domination. How to punish robots when they inevitably turn against us: Dylan Matthews interviews Gabriel Hallevy, author of When Robots Kill: Artificial Intelligence under Criminal Law. Leon Neyfakh talks to scholars who argue that when it comes to the IRS, the line between public education and manipulative propaganda is very thin.