From Portal, a special issue on Australians abroad. Michael Dalvean (ANU): Who’s Who on the Australian Political Left-Right Spectrum? Anne Twomey (Sydney): The Race Power: Its Replacement and Interpretation. If you've ever wondered why the rest of the world thinks Australians can sometimes be a bit racist, then recent events could probably give you a clue. Familiar images spring to mind when one thinks of Australia, but how many of them accurately reflect what the country is really like? Benjamin Herscovitch on the futile fight over Australian identity. Australia Day or Invasion Day? Simplifying our history doesn't help us deal with the unpalatable truths of colonisation, writes Sarah Burnside. Who is Adam Giles? Australia’s first Aboriginal head of a government has come to power, but under shady circumstances that are becoming all too common — this is not an Obama moment. The miner’s daughter: Gina Rinehart is Australia’s richest — and most controversial — billionaire.