From The Philosophers Magazine, Hilary Lawson on going back to big thinking in philosophy; and captive audience: Alan Smith on the highs and lows of teaching philosophy in prison. Is there any connection between philosophy and running? Mark Rowlands, who began running to exercise his pet wolf, thinks there is. Dead philosophers are cool: Paula Cerni reviews Philosophy Bites Back by David Edmonds and Nigel Warburton. Justin E. H. Smith on Immanuel Kant and his man-servant Lampe. Colin McGinn has no time for interviews because he’s too busy writing his books, practicing his backhand and doing the philosophical stuff. Jay Jeffers on philosophy as conceptual border patrol. A year of Praxis: Steven Mazie on what philosophy teaches us about politics, rationality and the pursuit of happiness. Michael Pereira reviews Philosophy in Children’s Literature. If you’re not that familiar with PhiLOLZophy, here’s a description.