Don't. Talk. To. A. Newspaper: If a hack ever says to you, “It would be great to hear your side of the story”, run a mile. Mainstream media meltdown: Newspapers will never be the same — but what happens to democracy if the Web business model can't fund journalism? David Schwartz interviews C.W. Anderson, author of Rebuilding the News: Metropolitan Journalism in the Digital Age. Inga Saffron on the end of the newspaper building: Struggling dailies are abandoning their grand old buildings — that's not a bad thing. Jack Shafer on the long, slow decline of alt-weeklies. Matthew Yglesias on the glory days of American journalism: Ignore the doomsayers — the news-reading public has never had more and better information at their fingertips. Don’t stop the presses: Newspaper club revives printing with personal gazettes.