Jessica Shaw (Calgary): Full-Spectrum Reproductive Justice: The Affinity of Abortion Rights and Birth Activism. Why do people believe scientifically untrue things? Because to do otherwise would be immoral. Unreason, like the poor, will always be with us — but why does quackery survive when science is making life better? Matthew Yglesias on statistical discrimination against the long-term unemployed. The Genetic Revolution: On DNA Day, celebrate the achievements that are ushering in the era of personalized genetic medicine. Advertising doesn’t have a history, because it doesn’t want one — advertising, the gaping, whoring mouth of the capitalist beast, would prefer to exist totally in the present, without past or future. Outi Keranen reviews Can Peace Research Make Peace? Lessons in Academic Diplomacy by Timo Kivimaki. Dylan Matthews on George W. Bush’s presidency, in 24 charts.