A new issue of Fascism is out, including Nigel Copsey (Teesside): “Fascism but with an open mind”: Reflections on the Contemporary Far Right in (Western) Europe; and Manuel Mireanu (CEU): The Spectacle of Security in the Case of Hungarian Far-Right Paramilitary Groups. Dalibor Rohac on conspicuous frugality: Is cheap the new cool? David M. Maas reviews The Bible, Rocks and Time: Geological Evidence for the Age of the Earth by Davis A. Young and Ralph F. Stearley. Peter Schweiger on “History as Myth: On the Appropriation of the Past in Tibetan Culture”. Anashri Pillay reviews Children’s Socio-Economic Rights, Democracy and the Courts by Aoife Nolan. From Caribbean Business, when you’re talking about rum, how much does the Caribbean really matter? Yemeni Farea al-Muslimi loves America, hates al-Qaeda, and says drone strikes make them stronger.