From The Globalist, Amy Zalman makes the case that there are three distinct forms of terrorism — Hybrid, Multi-motivational and Narrative Terrorism. Testosterone, narrative, and theater: TNT, if you will — that’s the truly critical and explosive mix inside the terrorist’s mind. Robert Beckhusen on how studying extremist psychology can help prevent another bombing. The Tsarnaev brothers hail from a beautiful corner of the world that has known little beyond war, exile, anger, and grief. In the seconds after the explosions came an answer to an ancient question — are we by nature good, or bad? With the implementation of a state of military siege against the population of Boston last week, the American ruling class has crossed a historical, legal and political Rubicon. The most popular Boston bombing conspiracy theories are ripped off from Hollywood action films. From Russia!, Sean Guillory on a Tsarnaev Conspiracy Theory Simulacrum. #FreeJahar: When conspiracy theorists and One Direction fans collide.