Tracey Holzhueter (York): Can You Hear Me Now? How Neutrality Provided Switzerland with a Strong National Identity Within the European Union. Sveinung Legard interviews Robert Ogman, author of Against the Nation: Anti-National Politics in Germany (and more). Dresden, Nazi-free: Moritz Wichmann on the new politics of German civil disobedience. Sazana Capriqi on how gender divisions, deeply rooted in myth and in society, have spelled more violence and suffering for the Balkans than any concrete benefit. Europeans exhibit unity only in the face of a dire threat: Tony Barber reviews Europe: The Struggle for Supremacy, 1453 to the Present by Brendan Simms (and more). Jennifer Thomson reviews Morality Politics in Western Europe: Parties, Agendas and Policy Choices. Governments now answer to business, not voters; mainstream parties grow ever harder to distinguish — is democracy dead?