Houston Wood (Hawaii Pacific): Religion and Violence: An Introduction. Esther Moller reviews Religion in an Age of Imperial Humanitarianism, 1850-1950. From Foreign Policy, Buddhist monks have been major instigators of the recent violence against Muslims in Burma; and weren’t Buddhists supposed to be pacifists? Their religion may stress peace, but some Buddhists are showing that they’re entirely capable of violence in the name of faith. Chip Berlet on why we need to understand the apocalyptic worldview of a small group of radical Muslims. Jessica Frazier reviews And Man Created God: Kings, Cults and Conquests at the Time of Jesus by Selina O'Grady. Richard Wolin on Biblical blame shift: Cherry-picking from shaky evidence, the German Egyptologist Jan Assmann argues that the ancient Hebrews sparked centuries of religious violence. Barak Mendelsohn reviews Religion and Human Security: A Global Perspective.