Christopher McCrudden (QUB): In Pursuit of Human Dignity: An Introduction to Current Debates. From Brown Alumni Magazine, to Thomas Perez government should act to make America a fairer place for the powerless — that’s why Republicans call him a radical ideologue and President Obama wants him to be his secretary of labor; and meet David Corn, the Mother Jones reporter who dug up Mitt Romney's infamous 47 percent video. Felix Salmon on the systemic plight of labor. Joel Kotkin on how there's nothing fundamentally unRepublican about class warfare. Rap battle: Is Lana Del Rey our new Daisy Buchanan? Why the diamond-loving hipster singer could have been Gatsby's girl. Why exert any energy trying to come up with a formal, all-encompassing definition of the word "hipster" when we can just look to the paper of record for guidance?