Sari M. Graben (UC-Berkeley) and Peter Harrison (Queen's): Science and Compliance in the Arctic: Explaining the Authority of the Commission on the Limits of the Continental Shelf. Becky Oskin on what Antarctica looked like before the ice. Cold rush: Clive Schofield explores the reality and the hype of Arctic boundary disputes, land grabs, resource races, and the transformation of global shipping. A Coast Guard that can fight: As the Arctic becomes an arena for conflict, the United States’ forgotten naval force will need to cowboy up. Klaus Dodds on five inconvenient truths about the Antarctic. The greening of the Arctic is underway: As the climate changes, trees and shrubs are poised to take over tundra and alter the Arctic's ecosystems. Brooke Jarvis interviews actor Ezra Miller on Arctic activism. Two months aboard an Antarctic ice breaker, condensed to 5 minutes. This Antarctic research base actually looks pretty cozy.