Christy-Dale Sims (Colorado): Disrupting Race, Claiming Colonization: Collective Remembering and Rhetorical Colonialism in Negotiating (Native) American Identities in the U.S. (Dissertation). Making books, artwork, and historical documents of all kinds universally available for free on the Digital Public Library of America is a great ambition — Scott McLemee thinks the job will require a little more, though. From The Daily Dot, Ben Branstetter on Lisa Loeb, Macklemore, and the new middle class of the Internet. Andrea Castillo on how commerce expands culture: The view that we exist in a cultural wasteland is both popular and mistaken. Are anthropologists a dangerous tribe? They’re battling about Yanomamo Indians, research ethics, and the nature of fierceness. Mark Thoma on seven myths about Keynesian economics. Aisha Harris on the troubling viral trend of the “hilarious” black neighbor.