Marja Schuster (RKH): Hermeneutics as Embodied Existence. From Jacobin, Gavin Mueller on the rise of the machines: Automation isn’t freeing us from work — it’s keeping us under capitalist control; and Sarah Jaffe on a day without care: What does it mean to strike when “production” isn’t the production of widgets, but care for children, the ill, disabled, or elderly? Clive Cookson takes an exclusive look at MIT’s Media Lab, one of the world’s most exciting laboratories and meets the scientists unfolding our future. And then there was one: Tom Engelhardt on imperial gigantism and the decline of Planet Earth. Christopher Sellers on how industrial dangers get overlooked. From prison to law school: Matthew Rudow on how former felon Shon Hopwood dedicated his life to law. Is stock market trading good for society? Alex Edmans, Vivian W. Fang, and Emanuel Zur investigate.