From Jacobin, Shawn Gude on the industrial classroom: In resisting standardized testing, today’s teachers are part of a rich tradition of struggle against dehumanization in the workplace. Extreme education: Ron Paul teams with “stoner” Gary North to indoctrinate home-school kids. Mary McConnell reviews Homeschooling in America: Capturing and Assessing the Movement by Joseph Murphy and The Year of Learning Dangerously: Adventures in Homeschooling by Quinn Cummings. Heather Brady on the U.S.’s low standards for teacher training. Is this the best education money can buy? At Avenues, the $85 million bet on for-profit schooling is meeting its first real test — parents. The Politic examines Teach For America and the revolving door of public education. Kara Crabb on myths about science education: Why is there a distinction between science, art, and religion? Robert Evans on 5 things it turns out you were right to hate about school.