From Slate’s “Superman” series, David Plotz on building a better you: How you'll become stronger, faster, smarter; Will Oremus on the age of enhancement: Technology is starting to give us superpowers once reserved for comic-book heroes; if science gives people superpowers, will they use them for good or evil?; and the ethics of enhancement: We can make ourselves stronger, faster, smarter — should we?; and you are already enhanced: Everyday technologies give us superpowers that would make our ancestors wonder if we’re entirely human. When did the transhuman era begin; indeed, has it begun or is it an event that is yet to occur? Extropia DaSilva investigates. Steven Levy on how Ray Kurzweil will help Google make the ultimate AI brain. Science fiction authors decide: Is artificial intelligence a threat to humanity? Kevin Drum on how smart machines probably won't kill us all — but they'll definitely take our jobs, and sooner than you think.