Fabrizio Macagno (UNL): Strategies of Character Attack. James Goodale defended the New York Times during the Pentagon Papers, but Nixon had nothing on Obama, writes the First Amendment lawyer — and that’s bad news for freedom of the press. From Businessweek, where have all the secretaries gone? From History Today, Richard Weight reassesses Quentin Bell’s 1951 article on the morality of fashion, which anticipated the enormous social and stylistic changes of the 1960s. From FDL, a book salon on Taking It Big: C. Wright Mills and the Making of Political Intellectuals by Stanley Aronowitz. The Luckiest Village in the World: It was a tiny town of farmers, a village where everyone knew everyone and nearly all struggled to make ends meet; but then, a few days before Christmas, they won the largest lottery in the history of Spain — the entire town.