Joanna Diane Caytas (Columbia): Conundrum of an Immigrant: Assimilation versus Cultural Preservation. From Distilled magazine, Sarang Shah on the ascent of technocracy, an ideology of silent radicalism; and Ben Jones on why Hitchens matters: Remembering the moral warrior. Neil Irwin on how inflation is too low almost everywhere on earth. Meet the Israeli Left's new ideas factory. Molly Redden on Bill Kristol's Galactic Empire: The many, many board seats of D.C.'s ultimate operator. Who knew that WikiLeaks was around in 1773? Scott McLemee takes a look at Ben Franklin's role — part Bradley Manning, part Julian Assange. The idea of a basic income for all citizens is often seen as a utopian dream — but the “Alaska Dividend” has existed for more than thirty years, and is immensely popular to this day. Hey, he took my blog post idea!